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Iceni Venture

General Specifications

Vessel Name: Iceni Venture

Vessel Type: Workboats

Shipyard: Alicat Soutboats

Yard Number: 73

Main Engine: 2 x MAN 12V 1400

Engine Power (kW): 2 x 1029

Length (m): 22

Speed (knots): 30

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Controllable pitch propeller data

Year Delivered: 2015

Gearbox: HD 295 U

Propeller Diameter (mm): 1225

Classification: DNV

More information

"On trials the 23.1m catamaran has exceeded all expectations and is genuinely considered to be a game changer in its class.  Powered by twin MAN V12-1400 main engines the vessel achieved a sprint speed of 32 knots and a continuous service speed in excess of 29 knots at 85% engine load.  More impressive is that the vessel was able to maintain this performance, comfortably in excess of 1.25m Hs wave height in any direction.  


One utility company representative on-board for trials states that fuel efficiency at 23 knots was 35% better than a smaller, significantly less capable vessel he had on charter in Germany.


Equally impressive was the vessels load carrying capability, recording only a 2 knot loss of performance at 85% load with 15 tonnes on deck and incredibly maintaining 21 knots at 60% engine load with the same payload."